We envision communities that are

healthy, safe and engaging

Our Mission: To promote effective collaboration

that transforms communities and lives

Our Current Impact Area of Focus

High-Quality, Affordable
Mental Health Care


We envision communities that are healthy, safe, and engaging for all people.

Our Goals

The goals of the Chiron Community Giving Foundation are:

  1. To create strong models for impactful work that will increase access to high-quality, affordable mental health care by partnering with organizations who provide clinical care, access to basic needs, or education/training programs.
  2. To identify and invest in strategic opportunities that offer the promise of sustainable positive change in each of Chiron’s targeted areas of North St. Louis City (63106, 63107, 63113, 63115, 63147) and North St. Louis County (63136.)
  3. To foster effective collaboration through capacity-building and active support of organizational development activities of grantees.
  4. To underscore and model in all that CCGF does that honoring diversity, equity, and inclusion through consistent action is a moral imperative.

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