Chiron Community Giving Foundation

Grant Application Eligibility Questions

IMPORTANT: Be certain you can answer "yes" to all the following questions before proceeding with submission of any materials in response to this application.

Is this Aya Mini-Grant application seeking funding to meet an unbudgeted and unforeseen need that will impact program or service delivery in the current budget year?

Is the entity that is requesting funds registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization or have a fiscal sponsor that is registered with the IRS?

Does the entity that is requesting funds serve residents living in one or both:

St. Louis City, Missouri
St. Louis County, Missouri

And have an existing project that addresses at least one of the following impact areas:

  • mental health care (ex: counseling, psychiatry, adjunctive therapeutic interventions, screening and referral)
  • basic needs (ex: adequate food, shelter, health care, household equipment/furnishings)
  • education and training opportunities

Does the entity understand that this grant opportunity does not exceed $5,000 per request?

Does the entity that is requesting funds align with CCGF's inclusive practices?

Does the entity that is requesting funds acknowledge that CCGF does not fund the following?

  • Individuals
  • organizations or projects designed to evangelize or proselytize
  • political action groups, lobbying activities, or projects designed to directly influence political outcomes
  • employee salaries, though stipends to supplement existing staff salaries or consultant services may be approved
  • vehicles
  • debt reduction
  • endowments
  • publications
  • fundraising events
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